Bike Holidays Málaga | Mountain bike guided Tour with Specialized Turbo Levo
Mountain e-bike tour arround Marbella and Istan with an electric e-bike Brand Specialized Turebo Levo 2019
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Mountain ride with new Specialized Turbo Levo

May be one of the best way to enjoy our land could be to rent us the new Specialized Turbo Levo.

Imagine you in a route of 50 kilometers and in less tan 4 hours you could see all the coast, the mediterranean see, sometimes Africa, the White town of Istan and its lake, without too much effort. With this bike only you have to think in take pleasure in looking arround you.

At the begining we start our ride from the famous Manolo Santana Tenis Club. We only have a 10 minutes ride inside the city of Nueva Andalucia. This starting will permit us to become familiar with the bike before starting on trails. When we arrive in San Pedro De Alcantara, we will start climbing and we will be able to notice how its working this Specialized Levo.

The dirt road are not tecnical so its the perfect ride for beginers cyclists.

In all the route we are able to enjoy beautifull views from the mediterrean coast, Marbella and Africa. Most of the time we are going to be in the trees shadow. During the road we will find some water sources to refresh us.

The ride is quite easy because you only have to follow the road always straight.

On the midlle of our route we can appreciate some views like the one following. You can see the White town of Istan, the mediterrean see and the lake who is providing all the drinking water for the Costa del Sol.


Is better if you do not use all the battery during the first middle of the ride as at the end you have some climbs who is better to save a little bit of energy.

You Will cross a Little river and in it you can have a swin to refresh us or just enjoy the view (following image).

When you start riding on the tarmac road, the ride is mostly finished. Before arriving to Istan, you could refresh you with a water source where the water is always cold. Moreover you can have a coffee or a drink inside the town where you will be able to find some restaurants.


When you are ready to finish the ride, you can take the road to Marbella to go down from Istan to Manolo Santana Tenis Club where you have parked your car. 

You can see the track details on our website :


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