Bike Holidays Málaga | Cycling paradise in the Costa del Sol
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Cycling paradise in the Costa del Sol

Cycling paradise in the Costa del Sol as is Estepona, easy to ride. Estepona is one of the city in the coast where we recommend you to start your rides. As you can see our following track is a part of a famous competition done each September in this city. track

Following our track, you will discover a beautifull ride with climbings and imprecive views as you can see in some fotos following.

We Will star our ride from Estepona and take a flat road to the coast with see views. Arriving on a roundabout we take the direction to Casares where we start climbing but the most important that it will be the start of riding with not a lot of cars until the end of the route.


Arriving in the Casares town, we will cross it and take the Gaucin direction. Have a rest during the dowmhill as when we arrive to the river, we have to climb to the Gaucin town and is a hard one.

Is a  Cycling paradise in the Costa del Sol because when we arrive to the Gaucin town we got impresive views. We can see the coast, the Ronda’s mountains, …

From Gaucin to Algatocin is quiet easy as is more flat and downhill and we can enjoy to have some rest. The last climb Will be from Jubrique to Peñas Blancas port. Take it easy as is a long climb. You can have more informations on a similar ride on the link : Link

The last downhill we recommend you to have some stops during the downhill and enjoy the views. As you can see on the following fotos one of its.

Estepona to Gibraltar

It is a hard route but it’s worth it.


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Foto : @pacoporterook

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