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Electric mountain bike tours

Electric mountain bike tours, the new way to discover the mountains and their trails. Whats better to come to Bike Holidays Malaga and ask for our guided tours.

Here we are going to show you one easy with spectacular views to Morocco and Gibraltar.

We can start the ride from the Ojen town. This starting point is interesting because you can have a drink at the end and discover one of the most beautiful White town on the coast. Check on our link some infos of Ojen.


Electric mountain bike tours

We will start with a little of tarmac road to get use to the bike and to know how they are working. After a curve we will introduce us in trails where really start the ride. All the guided route will follow the main tracks (large and not tecnical)  but if you want some tecnical zone, you can ask to our guided and he will be pleased to show you somes.

Electric mountain bike tours is the best way to show to everybody our lands. Moreover we can reach some places where a basic mountain biker would not be able to go with a normal mountain bike.

Electric mountain bike tours

Our guided tour will follow and we arrive to different point when you think you are not in the Costa Del Sol. You can see in the different fotos, we are able to see lands with trees, without trees, mountain views, …

The most important point Will surprise you for the views you are going to reach. In one point you Will be able to see Morroco, Gibralatar, Malaga and all the mountains arround us.

After taking some fotos, we follow the guided route and come back to the Ojen town.


This route can be adapted to each biker as you have a large range of tracks options.

If you need more informations do no hesitate to contact us, we Will be pleased to help you.


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Foto : Paco Portero



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