Bike Holidays Málaga | Marbella Ironman 70.3 April 2020
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Puerto Banus

Marbella Ironman 70.3

Marbella Ironman 70.3 is one of the biggest event coming in 2020. This event Will take place the last week-end of April.

On this article you Will find some information about the bycicle track and some recomendation.

Firstable, we have to know that the main point of interest will be in Puerto Banus (a Little bit outside from Marbella). All the disciplines Will start there. As we are a rental bike company we Will focus on the second one – the bike.

The bike sesión will start taking the Marbella’s direction so we going to start with a couple of kilometers of flat roads. Our recomendation is not to go as fast as you can and take it easy – remember is 90 kilometers and is not flat roads (only at the begining and at the end). You are coming back to the same place.

Secondly, we arrive to Marbella Pirulli monument, we will have a small climb to go to the Marbella’s bus station and to take the Ojen direction. Marbella Ironman 70.3 is really starting on that point with a climbing with arround 7 kilometers with 5.1% climbing.



When you have a look to the track, you can think from the Ojen point to Cartama is going down. Be careful, is a counstantly up and down before arriving to the coming back point (Cartama roundabout).

On that point, is very important you are not tired yet. If not the second part of the track (turn back to Puerto Banus) Will be very hard. You have to do the same road on the other side. Before arriving to the Ojen port you have to climb like 3 hardest climb.

Finally, arriving to the Ojen Port, it will be all going down direction to the Pirulli Monument and after flat road.

Find the track on our link : Marbella Ironman 70.3 2020 – Training track

If you need more informations do no hesitate to contact us, we Will be pleased to help you.


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